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Whether your boiler or heating system is needing replaced, repaired or simply checked to see if it's safe and efficient, we can help. Our team is dedicated to getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. 

From your first contact all the way through to the completion of the work, we want your experience with Edinburgh Heating to be effortless and satisfactory. Just take a look at our reviews. These are on the Edinburgh Council 'Trusted Trader' site, where we have been vetted by Trading Standards, Police checked and our reviews verified to ensure that they're genuine. You'll see we work hard to make sure everyone is happy with our work! 

Even if you have a question after months of having work done, either call us right away or knock on our office door - we are always happy to help.







Boiler Installation, Replacement and Repair

We install, replace and repair any kind of boiler on the market, including the commonly seen Worcester Bosch boilers. We are accredited installers for Vaillant boilers, and can install any kind of boiler including combi boilers, systems boilers and regular (open vent) boilers, depending on your heating needs and the size of your property. We always use copper plumbing for a long-lasting and reliable system.

Smart Heating Control Installation

Smart controls allow you to get the most out of your boiler and can increase the efficiency of the system as a whole. They consider the temperatures inside and outside your home allowing for optimal, energy efficient heating. We are accredited installers for Nest and Honeywell smart controls, which allow you to have new levels of control and higher levels of efficiency for your heating system.  



Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant boilers Advanced Installers in Edinburgh and the Lothians

We are accredited Advanced Installers of Vaillant boilers, and they contribute to our high-quality heating system installations.

Vaillant boilers are a widely recognised brand, known for their trusted German engineering, high energy efficiency ratings, low emissions, a reputation for quality and over 140 years in the boiler industry. Their wide range of boilers meets the needs of UK households as well as businesses of all sizes and levels of usage.

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Intergas Boilers

Intergas boiler Platinum Installers in Edinburgh and the Lothians

We are experienced Installers of Intergas boilers, and we enjoy how reliable, sophisticated and innovative their boilers prove to be for our customers.

Intergas, a company from Holland, are pioneers in redesigning the combi boiler making it more efficient, reliable and cost-effective. Intergas have redesigned the combi boiler to include only four moving parts. We have installed many of these boilers, and their reliability cannot be beaten.

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Nest Controls

Nest learning thermostat smart controls installed by Nest Elite Installer in Edinburgh and the Lothians

We are Nest 'Elite' Installers for Edinburgh, which means that we can fix issues and make repairs for Nest in addition to new installations. 

One of the most technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing heating controls on the market, Nest thermostats anticipate your warmth requirements and adjust your heating to save you the most money possible. Nest thermostats also enable you to control your home’s heating system from your phone if desired.

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Honeywell Controls

Honeywell smart thermostat installed by Honeywell Connected Specialist in Edinburgh and the Lothians

We are Honeywell 'Connected Specialists', meaning we have been accredited by Honeywell to install their heating controls reliably and safely. 

Honeywell's quality, technologically advanced controls assist any heating system boiler to run as efficiently as possible. Their controls can even schedule heating within individual rooms so as not to overheat any areas more than necessary based on your schedule and use of your home.

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More Services We Offer 

 Radiator installation and repair in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Radiator Installation and Repair

If your radiator needs replacing or you need one installed as part of a new heating system, we can carry out the correct heat loss calculations to make sure we know exactly what size of radiator you need to heat your home as efficiently as possible. The radiator will never be too big or too small, it will be the perfect size for your home and the extent to which you need it heated.

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 Boiler maintenance and servicing in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Boiler Maintenance & Servicing

We know the ins and outs of boilers and their systems, and we can carry out routine maintenance and servicing on existing systems or systems that we have previously installed. Simply get in touch with us for a free quote, and we can fully service your boiler to the highest professional standards.

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 Heating system control installation in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Heating System Controls

We have extensive knowledge, accreditation and experience in providing the best heating system controls specific to your needs. We can provide traditional thermostats, switches and controls, as well as more modern smart controls which take efficiency and control of your heating system to a new level. 

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 Bespoke heating system design in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Bespoke Heating System Design

Where appropriate, we can suggest and design bespoke heating systems for your property. Usually larger properties can benefit from bespoke designs and we will discuss with you beforehand exactly what you are looking for, and we will design a system for the highest levels of quality and efficiency, depending on your requirements.

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 Landlord gas safety checks in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Landlord Safety Checks

We can carry out routine safety checks for boilers and heating systems to ensure you have all the necessary certification as a landlord.

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 Central heating system installation in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Heating and Central Heating System Installation

We always focus on what is right for our customers. Depending on your needs and the size of your property, we can install any kind of heating or central heating system, including underfloor heating if required.

During a free on-site consultation at your property, we can discuss exactly what you need, we can carry out appropriate loss calculations to work out what’s best for you, and then we can suggest what boilers, radiators, controls and heating system would be the best fit. 
While many heating installers might go with plastic piping for their own convenience, we install copper piping unless otherwise advised. The copper piping gives you a high-quality heating system which is designed to last a long time. Of course we can install alternative piping if required, but we always aim to give our customers something that will stand the test of time.

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Heat loss calculations in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Custom Heat Loss Calculations

Whenever we install a heating system or replace a radiator in your home, we always carry out accurate heat loss calculations to ensure that we give you perfectly sized radiators and an efficient heating system.

The efficiency we can calculate will ensure that you get the most heat for your money and that all energy is utilised correctly. In other words – no waste!



Do you have any questions or need advice?

We are Gas Safe registered “Which? Trusted Traders” and an “Edinburgh Trusted Trader”, and we are always quick and eager to pick up the phone to any customers who have more questions about the work we have already done. If you don’t want to call us, you can even knock on our office door and we will happily speak to you in person.

We like to build long-standing relationships with our customers, and we are always sure to come and visit you again if there is anything you want us to confirm or fix.

We know that our business is built on consistently satisfied customers, so all our effort is focused on doing every single job to the finest standards and ensuring that everyone is happy.


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